Assertiveness training for counsellors

Sometimes there comes a time in the course of counselling or therapy when a client wishes to manage conflict with someone, perhaps confronting behaviour, giving or receiving criticism or making/refusing requests.  This may be anxiety provoking and require a change in their usual behaviour.  The change, however, can have a powerful effect on the response and the client’s future confidence.

In this course we will be teaching the behaviours used in assertiveness training, integrating them into TA theory and other modalities and considering when and how they may be shared with a client.

Course Aims

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • feel confident in using a number of assertive technique and have considered their use with clients
  • have considered the place of assertive behaviours within their own practice and the theory of their modality
  • know the appropriate timing within the therapeutic process and how to contract to share them
  • have the means to run an assertiveness training group

About the Facilitator

Morag Highet PTSTA is a TA psychotherapist and supervisor who has worked in private practice in Edinburgh for 18 years. Between 1997 and 2007 she trained counsellors on an integrative diploma course that used TA as the core model. More recently she has been a trainer with Physis Training.  Before training as a counsellor and TA psychotherapist, Morag ran assertiveness training groups for a number of years in the peripheral housing estates in Edinburgh.

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