Supervision 101

One day course: Sat 4 May 2019, 10:00am to 4:30pm
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Alison Ayres, TSTA

Who is it aimed at?

This course is designed for experienced counsellors and psychotherapists who are considering expanding their practice to offering clinical supervision.

Course Outline and Aims

The Supervision 101 training day offers an introduction to the basic principles and practice of clinical supervision. It provides an opportunity to explore what the change of role from therapist to supervisor would mean for you.

Whilst some knowledge of TA would be useful in attending this workshop, it is not essential.

Learning Outcomes

On completing this one day workshop participants will:

  • Have a general understanding of what would be involved in this change of role
  • An introductory knowledge of some of the core models of supervision
  • Some ideas about how TA can be used to underpin and guide the work of supervision
  • A foundation for deciding whether you might want to undertake further training to be a supervisor.

Facilitator’s Biography

Alison is an experienced TA therapist, supervisor and trainer. While she no longer works with clients or as a trainer, she maintains her supervision practice and continues to offer occasional training and seminars. She has been exploring issues of shame, pride and resilience for many years.

Published papers include:

  • “The Only Way Out: a consideration of suicide.” (Transactions: Spring 2006)
  • “Shame and Resilience” (Strokes: 2014)
  • “The Triple Helix: a model for training TA Trainers.” (ITA News: 2014)

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