TA 101 – Introduction to Transactional Analysis

Two day course: Sat 6th and Sun 7th July 2019, 10am to 5pm both days.

Tutor: Fiona Cook, PTSTA

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Transactional Analysis (TA) is an amazingly powerful psychological theory that has the surprising quality of being easily accessible for the newcomer, yet with a depth and complexity that can fascinate and satisfy practitioners for a lifetime.

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Tutor Biography

Fiona Cook is a Certified Transactional Analyst and Psychotherapist and has a small private practice in Edinburgh. She has a very credible background in the NHS as a Registered Nurse Teacher and Facilitator and also owns a successful freelance practice development consultancy business, smallchangeBIGDIFFERENCE. Using Transactional Analysis (TA), Fiona works with healthcare agencies across the UK and more recently in Australia in this capacity. Her blend of knowledge and experience is invaluable in her work with clients as a facilitator of culture change, personal change, transformation and enhanced autonomy. She is a skilled communicator and facilitator, comfortable working at all levels of organisations to enable, encourage, inspire and empower individuals to maximise their full potential.

Fiona works with Fiona Firman to organise TA101 workshops, and is involved in the recruitment process for new Foundation Year Trainees. Together they organise delivery of the Foundation Year programme, and act as the contact points for all new enquiries about training.

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