Working With Shame and Vulnerability

This workshop will explore the theory and practice of working with Shame and Vulnerability in the therapeutic process, the origins of shame and the maintenance of shaming processes in relationships, alongside the potential for healing that can be found in developing “resilient vulnerability”.


To enable participants to feel confident in exploring and processing Shame and Vulnerability in their work with clients.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to create safety and containment for this kind of therapeutic work
  • Gain insights into the reasons for Shame and Vulnerability becoming key issues in therapy
  • Explore and understand your own experience of Shame and Vulnerability in the therapy room – yours and your clients
  • Develop confidence in facilitating work with shame
  • Consider the role of the therapist’s shame and vulnerability in the therapeutic process

Course Structure

The day will be a mix of theory and experiential work, including personal reflection and small group work. We will include theory and material from TA, Gestalt and other modalities alongside a consideration of the roles of Shame and Vulnerability from a spiritual and humanistic perspective.

Facilitator’s Biography

Barbara Clarkson (TSTA) has worked for over 20 years as a psychotherapist. Her personal journey has included a long and deep struggle with shame, and her own defences against vulnerability, that has enabled her to understand and work with her clients’ most excruciating shame experiences with compassion, empathy and hope.

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