Counselling & Psychotherapy Training

Picture of Barbara Clarkson

Barbara Clarkson, Director of Training

Physis provides counselling and psychotherapy training in Edinburgh. We have a wide range of courses ranging from brief (and free) taster sessions to extended training leading to recognised qualifications. For current practitioners, we also offer CPD and advanced courses.

We work with the Transactional Analysis (TA) approach to counselling and psychotherapy.

At Physis we are proud to provide training in counselling and psychotherapy that is of the highest standards, and that ensures that our trainees have the greatest opportunity of meeting the requirements of professional bodies such as UKCP and COSCA.

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FB_IMG_1465680621482 Open Morning at Physis Sun 19 Jun 2016 - Preparations are well in hand for the first ever Physis Training Open Morning on Saturday 13th August from 10m til 1pm. Click here for your Free Open Morning tickets Have you ever wondered whether training to beome a counsellor or a psychotherapist could be the new adventure you have been waiting for? Have you always […]

Our Approach

Small group sizes

small-group-aOur training groups are kept small to ensure high levels of individual support for each trainee, and to enable a strong and supportive peer bond to develop between trainees themselves. This also enables us to respond flexibly to the needs and specific interests of students within the structure of the curriculum.

Friendly and approachable trainers

Our trainers aim to be open and real with students, and to share their own experiences as practitioners as well as their theoretical knowledge of the subject. This brings the material alive and enables trainees to imagine themselves working with particular clients long before they have a caseload of their own.

Excellent administrative support

Our Programme Manager, Deirdre, is the friendly voice at the end of the Physis phone line, and she is always happy to help, whether with a major concern or a simple question. Deirdre knows the workings of the Physis programme back to front and inside out and it is an extremely rare event when she doesn’t have the answer!

Valuing your unique experience and knowledge

What are we aboutAt Physis we believe that you become the best counsellor or therapist that you can be when you are enabled to take what you already know, and have learned from life outside the therapeutic world, and weave it together with new knowledge and skills from within the training experience. Our trainers love to learn from our trainees as you share your perspectives and expertise with us.

What our trainees say

Physis offers – support, caring, learning, encouragement, knowledge, safety, fun, acceptance and challenge.

Barbara is a great trainer. She has a lovely way of bringing herself, humour and teaching skills to the training weekends that helps so much in identifying with emotional material. I have loved working with Barbara for the last 3 years and will be sorry to leave. Barbara is a first class trainer. I find her style of work inspiring.

Alison is warm, compassionate and open. She teaches in sensitive, friendly, yet professional manner. Her years of experience and high level of knowledge has really enhanced the training experience.

I have loved my training at Physis. It has opened up so much for me.

Physis is professional, supportive and a great educational establishment. I am proud to say I was taught by Physis.

All communication is transparent and respectful. All staff are clearly invested in living and teaching TA…I trust them which is very important.