Advanced Years 1 & 2: Diploma in Counselling using TA

Advanced Training leading to the Diploma in Counselling using TA (COSCA Validated)

diploma in counsellingAt Physis we are delighted to offer our trainees the opportunity to qualify as a TA Counsellor after three years of training (foundation plus two further years).

Students who qualify with the Diploma in Counselling using TA are able to work as self employed counsellors in private practice.

The Diploma is validated by COSCA and is recognised as a “qualification in counselling” by other accrediting bodies such as BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Successful students who pass the final Diploma exam are eligible to apply for BACP or COSCA Accredited Practitioner status two years following qualification, on completion of a total of 450 practice hours.

Components of the Diploma in Counselling using TA

Staff are dedicated, diligent & committed. They demonstrate a high level of professionalism in all aspects of contact with the students on the course.
COSCA External Assessor

Many trainees complete their Diploma and continue into their final year of training at Physis (advanced year 3), developing their private practice at the same time as completing the taught component of the CTA Psychotherapy.

Teaching style is highly competent and successfully enables the students to engage in the learning process. COSCA External Assessor

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